Until Further Notice

We built this company to do good  - to bring employees at leading US companies beautiful specialty coffee and transform that into deep global impact through our impact trade reinvestment model. That wholesale program proudly brought millions of hours of education to kids across Latin American and Africa last year.

With those employees now at home and cafes closed we know we need to do what we can to support. Until further notice you can buy any of our Oakland, CA roasted single origin coffees (and now subscriptions too) and get them delivered to your door at the wholesale prices those companies get: between $10 and $13 per pound.

Normally our impact trade model reinvests 25% of our margin ($2+/lb) into low income women in growing countries. Starting today we'll be redirecting that 25% into the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Response Fund. Impact is our north star and clearly supporting communities in crisis is the most important thing we can be doing right now.

Take it from someone currently on their eighth cup - if we're going to be stuck indoors it might as well be with an ample supply of delicious coffee and have it do a little good in these crazy times.

Questions (coffee or otherwise)? taylor at impct dot co.

-Taylor, CEO