Taiwan - Pingtung Aboriginal - Individual Drip Bags


This is a brand new coffee for us for May 2017. Grown by an aboriginal Taiwanese farmer in the south of Taiwan, this is one of the best examples of Taiwanese coffee we've come across and a reason to be excited for its future. A quick note about the price of this coffee: production of Taiwanese coffee in general is extremely limited with specialty grade being quite rare. We pay over $15 a pound green for this coffee, a price we feel is worth it for a unique and delicious offering like this.

Farm: Pingtung Aboriginal, Taiwan. 
Process: Washed

Tastes Like: Oolong tea, nutty, full bodied.  
Roast: Medium-Dark (full city+)
Weight: 8 x 11g

Purpose: Builds Playcare preschools at origin. 

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