Hope Blend - Nicaragua/Brazil

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One of the most common questions we get at our cafes by bashful first-time customers is "Uh, do you have any coffee that... tastes like coffee?" Coffee has undergone a radical shift over the past ten years, from the dark and rich classic flavor profile to the bright and fruity modern light roast. For many (like ourselves) that shift has brought new life to the industry, allowing roasters to highlight the unique flavors growers work so hard to create. For others, like those bashful customers, it was a turn away from the bittersweet chocolate flavors they had grown up to love.

This coffee is our answer to them. This is a blend of two single origin specialty coffees from Nicaragua and Brazil. Unashamedly traditional and roasted to a beautifully sweet Full City. Perfect as drip or as an espresso, particularly great if you're working on your latte art and want a little more contrast. 

As an impact trade coffee an additional 25% of this coffee's sales price is re-invested back into low, income women to build poverty-smashing businesses like schools. That's nearly 50% (4-5X Fair and Direct Trade models) of the value of this box going back to the hard-working communities that brought it to us.

Origin: Nicaragua/Brazil
Flavor: Old-school. Dark, rich, chocolate-y.
Use: Espresso, drip.
Roaster: Pulley Collective, Oakland. 
Size: 8oz