Impact as a service for enterprise.

Transforming leading startup and enterprise office food + bev programs into world-class CSR programs. Free.


We want to turn every dollar of the $40B companies in the US spend yearly on snacks and drinks for their employees into global impact that defines their brands and corporate social responsibility programs. For free.

Our impact trade platform turns a new generation of employee into impact investors through the things they consume at the office - disrupting the archaic system of office distributors to drive employee engagement, generate tangible social brand value, and fuel CSR programs at today's leading companies.

Put simply? Better snacks for employees, free bespoke CSR program for employer, lives changed.

Selected Enterprise Clients


Companies are implementing increasingly more sophisticated office snack (CPG) programs for their employees to attract talent and retain and engage employees. Without exception every single one wishes they didn't have to.

That spend represents a near pure cost to the business so massive and archaic distributors like Aramark and Compass aggregate identical CPG portfolios and compete in a race-to-the-bottom war on price to service it.

Today's employee is demanding more and today's company deserves more. We believe by bringing a better product, distribution model, and genuine value proposition we can redefine the enterprise distribution industry.


Today's consumer buys ethical. Today's company wishes they could.

50% of all growth in CPG in the USA over the last seven years was driven by sustainability-labeled products and these grew 5.6X faster than their non-standard equivalents (NYU Stern). Employees want impact but companies are still stuck buying mass market CPG from distributors, spending over:

$40B USD/year

Impact trade through

You can think of us as Amazon Smile on steroids, powered by our impact trade investment model rather than donation.

We distermediate brand and distribution. We private-label or collaborate with top brands to bring companies exclusive, local, and high impact versions of the things they consume most, starting with impctcoffee, sold direct to enterprise on our platform.

Companies earn credit (a percentage of gross margin) on all purchases.

That credit can be "invested" by employees into thousands of high impact projects (from environment, to education, to agriculture) worldwide through our global network of partners like Kiva and UNICEF.

Those partners repay investments with interest back to us and provide updates and impact data back to companies and their employees through that platform.

We provider employers with valuable data about their employees consumption and impact preferences for them to tailor those programs moving forward.


Raised $250K pre-seed from local angels
September 2018

Launched first product, impctcoffee, in Bay Area
January 2019

Onboarded Uber, Salesforce, Adobe, Thumbtack as enterprise clients
March-August 2019

Participated in Pear VC Summer accelerator
Summer 2019

Cisco opened an impctcoffee cafe on campus
September 2019

Closed 2019 with $250,000 in sales @ 65% G.M.
December 2019

Closed new $500K ARR deal with Uber to power their Mission Bay HQ starting June
February 2020

Launched new platform targeting WFH to $10,000 sales in first month
March 2020

Negotiating expanded deals with Salesforce and Cisco for $4M+ ARR
May 2020


Growth Strategy

Up until now 100% of our growth has been through viral word of mouth from executives at our clients. We're transitioning to an SDR-driven direct sales approach targeting venture backed startups and leading enterprise clients.

We're aiming to become the de facto brand for companies in-office, leveraging that into servicing a nascent WFH (work from home) perk market, and building mindshare with employees (with in-channel features like the impctcoffee cafe @ Cisco to the right) to upsell on DTC variants of the products we offer.

We see this as a kind of extended B2B2C model - from the office, to the home office, to the home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "invest"?

Rather that donating away margin we use low-interest rate loans invested into impact projects through a global network of MFIs (micro-finance institutions) and social enterprises. Those loans typically carry a 1-2 year repayment term. Capital repayment + interest means that not only is creating impact not a cost to our company, it actually fuels its growth in a virtuous cycle. You can think of us as building a new kind of impact investment fund through product sales rather than LPs.

How do you handle distribution?

We strongly believe that the disintermediation of brand and distribution is one of our strongest competitive advantages and enables our model. Our platform being the sole source of impact trade products means a perfectly exclusive portfolio versus other platforms/distributors and the built-in ability to feed all purchases into our impact targeting system.


B.A. Honors, Logic - B.Sc., Quant Finance - MBA

$1,000,000 Hult Prize winner for world's most disruptive new social enterprise

Taylor Scobbie (
Founder + CEO

B.A. - MBA

$1,000,000 Hult Prize winner for world's most disruptive new social enterprise

Jessi Fu
Founder + COO

MBA Candidate - Harvard Business School

Blackrock, Deutsch Bank,
Chicago Pacific Founders

Mindy Huynh
Chief of Staff

BSc, Comp Sci - MSc, Information Sciences

Previously Senior Engineer @ Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, Yahoo

ShihChi Huang
VP Technology

Venture-backed founder @ Whodini

SVP+ @ Legato, Declara,
Centrify, LaunchPad

Jim Chappell
Board of Directors

Partner @ Sound Ventures

VP @ Softbank-backed
PlaySight Interactive

Jonnie Cox
Strategy + Fundraising

COO @ EMC, VP @ Capgemini

Chief of Staff @ The Linux Foundation, Chairwoman @ National Diversity Council

Sheryl Chamberlain
Boarf of Advisors


We're raising a seed round of $3,000,000 to expand our platform development team, build out our product portfolio to service existing demand, and expand our geographic reach.