Dream - Guatemala Asproguate Collective

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We use coffee to build a brighter future for origin communities and countries. Guatemala is special to us among those as it's home to our very second project ever, a beautiful school serving a rural community outside Guatemala City. We knew a Guatemalan coffee had to be one of limited launch offerings in the US and we knew just who to turn to to get it.

This beautiful coffee comes courtesy of Onyx Coffee, one of the Bay Area's inarguable best green coffee companies. The word "carefully sourced" gets thrown around a lot in these kind of contexts, but if it refers to anything it refers to the way Onyx works at origin. With a history of farming in Guatemala themselves, Onyx really goes the extra mile to both choose exceptional coffees and support the farmers who bring it to us. 

On top of the great work Onyx does at origin, as an impact trade coffee, we re-invest an additional 25% of this coffee's sales price back into Guatemalan women to build poverty-smashing schools. That's nearly 50% (4-5X Fair and Direct Trade models) of the value of this box going back to the hard-working communities that brought it to us.

Origin: Guatemala
Region: Huehuetenango
Farm: Asproguate Collection
Flavor: Classic. Sweet, almond, nougat, chocolate.
Use: Espresso, drip.
Roaster: Pulley Collective, Oakland. 
Size: 8oz