Play - Ethiopia Oromia Natural Process

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Sourcing coffee is, generally, a pretty purposeful activity. We spend a lot of our time searching for great coffees. Hundreds and hundreds of lots cupped every year and we choose under a dozen to feature.

That was absolutely not the case here. This coffee (for us) was the product of pure serendipity. One day, out of nowhere, we get an e-mail from Michael Omran - co-founder of Abana Estate in Ethiopia. We set up a call and were just floored at what he was doing out of a small farm in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. In a small amount of time his farm had become a true community hub, with him using its profits to develop services for the surrounding area. All it took is one tasting and we were sold.

On top of the great work Michael is doing through Abana at origin, as an impact trade coffee, we re-invest an additional 25% of this coffee's sales price back into low income African women to build poverty-smashing schools for their communities. That's nearly 50% (4-5X Fair and Direct Trade models) of the value of this box going back to the hard-working communities that brought it to us.

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Oromia
Farm: Abana Estate
Process: Natural
Flavor: Modern. Bright, berries, vanilla. 
Use: Drip, modern espresso.
Roaster: Pulley Collective, Oakland. 
Size: 8oz